Two of the biggest concerns for property managers are making properties appealing, and keeping tenants comfortable. Concrete Repairs Denver understands how much of a difference properly maintained surfaces can make to the appearance and functionality of a rental property.

First impressions can mean a lot when you trying to fill a property. Broken or uneven driveways and walkways are not only unsightly, but can also pose a hazard to tenants and their vehicles, bikes, rollerskates, etc. Patio and pool areas that are worn or discolored may still be functional, but lack the small upgrades that could take them from drab to stunning also increasing the value of your property.

The Concrete Repairs Denver servicemen are respectful and experienced. We look forward to serving you and your tenants.

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Americans with Disabilities Ramp Requirements

We are experienced in ADA standard requirements with regard to concrete. We are able to accurately measure the slope of ramps on your property to determine whether they meet code requirements. CRD is also more than capable of repairing ramps to meet ADA standards.

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