Once concrete begins to settle inappropriately, it rarely gets better. Sinking or settling is a common problem that is necessary to repair, not only for aesthetics but also for safety. Sinking can occur when the soil beneath the concrete becomes inadequately packed or absorbs too much water.

As the soil goes through a series of expansions and contraction the overlaying concrete may progressively collapse into its own footprint. An uneven sidewalk or driveway is dangerous for pedestrians. In situations involving a structural foundation, repairs may be even more crucial.

Concrete foam lifting and mudjacking are two popular methods of repairing sunken concrete surfaces. Concrete Repairs Denver prefers foam lifting.


What are the Differences Between Concrete Foam Lifting and Mudjacking?

Both mudjacking and foam lifting are methods of lifting concrete by drilling strategic holes is the concrete slab. Those holes are used as access points to below the surface. Special hoses are used to pump a special substance through the holes to stabilize the soil underneath and lift the concrete slab.

Mudjacking is the traditional method of lifting uneven concrete, but technological advances have made way for additionally efficient methods of concrete repair. Here are some reasons why foam lifting is prefered over mudjacking by Denver Concrete Repair.


Why Concrete Foam Lifting is Prefered Over Mudjacking

  • Underground water retention from heavy rainfall, poor drainage and underground water pipes may cause mudjacking slurry to wash out
  • Foam lifting is a long lasting procedure
  • The density of foam is sufficient to completely fill voids below the surface
  • Additional soil compaction will not occur with foam injection.
  • The size of the hole made to complete the procedure can be significantly smaller with foam lifting.

Many companies have been doing it the same way for generations with mudjacking as the go-to solution. Relatively few have the equipment and expertise to use foam lifting, but Concrete Repairs Denver has you covered!

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