Stamped Concrete Sealing

Untitled-1Denver, being “The mile high city”, presents many extreme conditions on stamped concrete due to the ultra UV exposure, coupled with the ice and snow that builds on the surface, can ware out the sealer and the color off the stamped concrete much quicker then other parts of the country.

It is industry standard and highly recommended to seal stamped concrete surface on regular bases (2-3 years based on traffic) to maintain the color and the shine of the new stamped concrete look. Often times owners are not aware of the maintenance that is required and will let the stamped concrete patio or drive ware out loosing both the sealer and the accenting color.

At Concrete Repairs Denver, we offer stamped concrete restoration.

The process


By power washing first the stamped concrete surface and removing dirt.
If any cracking has occurred over the years we can crack seal any control joints or cracks.
Then apply new sealer to restore the shine back to the stamped concrete.
If some of the surface accenting color has been lost color can be applied to restore the stamped concrete surface.

Below are example of stamped concrete finishes.