Concrete Sealing


To maintain your concrete driveway, patio or porchs’ longevity, quality, and overall appearance, concrete sealing is always recommended, especially here in Colorado.

The high UV exposure, the freeze and though of the seasons and the magnesium chloride that is used for snow melt eats away at the surface of the concrete, causing it to discolor, pealing, and scaling on the surface.

The process:


We usually power wash the concrete of all dirt and stains caused by trees.

Concrete Repairs Denver trained servicemen will apply a water repellent Siloxane sealer, it is a penetrating sealer and breathable sealer, it does not change the appearance or look of the concrete. Siloxane is a concrete sealer that lasts about ten years as it is recommended by the manufacturer to re-seal every 2-3 years depending on the traffic.

There are other types of sealers that will darken the concrete or give a high gloss sheen to the concrete or masonry surface. ¬†Concrete Repairs Denver technicians will also apply the Siloxane sealer to help maintain and preserve masonry surfaces such as brick and stone patios, walks and drive. ¬†Don’t hesitate to ask us for a free estimate to see what type of concrete and masonry surfaces we can help preserve and maintain for you.