Concrete Caulking

IMG_8415Concrete often cracks over time. To help avoid those unattractive cracks, that makes the concrete look old and warn out while also allowing water to seep under the concrete, we crack seal all joints and cracks in the concrete. This will help keep moisture out from under the concrete, which causes the heaving and settling of concrete, and gives your patio or driveway a more desired look.



The process:

We will “crack chase” the concrete by grinding out the crack opening it up and giving it a uniform look as much as possible. We then clean it out of all loose debris, backer rod is then installed on the bottom of the crack and then we seal the crack with polyurethane self leveling crack sealer to close up all the gaps. Which will allow the concrete to move, expand and shrink.concrete_repair_products

We also have the ability to mix color in the sealer for different color applications.